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by Unicorn Hole

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sht Great shit. One of my favorite albums by Uhole.
WWG and UHole have an awesome chemistry here! Love the sound, love the lyrics, love the memes in it. Love your music! Favorite track: He Protec, but He Also Tech Those.
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M0SHB1T This album is the incarnation of memes and goofiness, paired with fat beats, huge breakdowns, sparkling synths and catchy melodies. This album cures AIDS, cancer, helps better against depression than Xanax and weed and will tear down the wall between the US and Mexico. Oh and one thing: FUCK YEAH COWBELL.
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Yo it’s Weekly Words and Grammar Puttin bitches in the slammer Spillin spaghetti all over my feet Thinkin bout tiddies and eatin some beets Yo it’s ya boy Uhole, with the old consoles Grab hold and letcha bowels lose control Screaming and dreamin my Nintendo dreams And I’m schemin on how to go back to those things It’s 2018, our lives are shitty memes Is there even anyone left in this scene? The world is cruel but hey I guess that’s p cool Just laugh, it’s one big joke- too bad we’re so damn woke We’ve got no hope, but at least there’s avocado toast Earth is a dumpster but we’ll just make the most
You’ve always been there for me when I needed you When the world was cruel, or when I wasn’t well Others have come and gone over the years But none have stuck around like you, Taco Bell Cheesy gordita crunch, chicken quesarito Whatever I desire, you always seem to know For just five dollars you make the pain go away You are my sunshine on cloudy days Don’t even get me started on Doritos tacos Surely the fine cuisine the gods themselves would have chose Bring the hot sauce- yo light me up! Put that good shit in this cup You call it Baja Blast- refreshing and ice cold You can’t fool me, I know I’m drinking liquid gold The final form of Mountain Dew It gives dead souls hope anew Yeah dude, it’s true Cheaper prices, open later Outside the bun innovator Yeah dude, it’s true Tomorrow I might shit my ass for real But who cares, I gotta get that fourth meal
Smash five! Smash five! God bless you Sakurai For a moment I was almost glad I’m alive And guess what bro, my uncle works at Nintendo I got that new roster, so sit back, let’s go At long last my boy Reggie finally shows up Then Goku comes in too and the whole planet blows up Straight from the swamp, the all-star Shrek is in for real Almost as high a tier as fellow challenger Hank Hill I'd better get a hundred characters, plus unlocks Even though I will only ever play as Fox But there is one newcomer that beats the other fighters real bad The strongest guy in the whole world The champion- yeah it’s my dad Another dude who joins the fight Yeah it’s ya boy- it’s Jesus Christ I'd better get a hundred characters, plus unlocks Even though I will only ever play as Fox
Shitty indie horror games Garbage but gold all the same Bland font logo from MS Paint Broken English right there in the name A stolen monster model stuck in the T-pose Chases me without moving, on Heelys I suppose Five Nights at Sonic’s/Elsa’s/who-the-fuck-ever’s And Slendy’s hundreds of slightly different endeavors Your voice acting makes “Jill Sandwich” seem Oscar-worthy You breathe louder than you speak- it’s other-worldly Random notes in your shitty midi soundtrack 2008 called, it wants my music back So I survived the spooky skellingtons you threw at me But there is one more threat that I may never beat Crashes- more here than in a racing game The twelve-year-old programmer is the one to blame He is so goddamn proud, and I am ashamed I can’t stop playing even though they’re all the same
Spaghetti cat I weep for you It's all I can do To keep from falling apart Cause you're breaking my heart Oh when I first saw you On that daytime TV show I knew it was Destiny So I called them up, I said "Who's that cat, I need to meet him I need to have some spaghetti with him" And they said "The cat isn't real dude It's just some picture" Just some- how fucking dare you?! Spaghetti cat is real! Spaghetti cat is my life And he always will be
Ay yo it’s Knuckles the fuckin’ enchilada Fuck wit me, ya get punches- a lotta Cause this enchilada’s got mad fuckin beef Yo, I’m too slow? Bitch I knock outcha teef Comin atcha straight from Pumpkin Hill Where shit gets real, yo I’m the trillest of the trill Rouge the bat’s got a booty that dumps like a truck Don’t really know what that means but it sound good as fuck I’m the only one who can dig it Ya know, cause I dig, ya get it? Ah, whatever- here we go! Who gets the girls- is it me or Sonic? Here’s a little hint: I got four times the head on this dick Does he even lift? Look at me, I’m hella swole While fatass Sonic stuffs more chilidogs into his food hole Don’t fux with Knux if you know what’s up Shadow’s for sure the Gucci member of the hedgehog gang He’s a bad boy- he says no no words like “heck” and “dang” But ya boy Knuckles always keeps it a hunnit Fists on fleek, fighting freak, boy I just dunnit
On the campgrounds no one can hear you scream Well I guess that isn’t true, but fuck off it fits the theme One dude insists that we were talkin about bears That didn’t happen, but do you think he cares? Later he asks “you said you’re gonna wet your body?” Again, no, you okay there buddy? Next, a weird dude in the bathroom Looks out from the shower, scans the room As we leave after our peepee sessions This guy calls out to us “any questions?” And speaking of restroom transgressions... A guy moans in the next stall, asks why god hates him so A woman angrily shouts “pinch it off, it’s time to go” His mug which says “grandma” is filled with something red It might have made me shit on sight, but I already did Then it hits us - everyone else here is a skinwalker They learn only from each other which makes them awkward Only flimsy tent walls protect us from ending up dead But we paid for one more night so fuck it I’m going to bed If they mean to kill me, then I mean to die
(lyrics generated by shitty AI, then shuffled around) What more could you ask for? I'm rappin to the booty The cloaca drops deep as does my banana I never dropkick, 'cause to dropkick is the papa of anna The cloaca drops deep as does my banana You can take the crusty bear trap You can break my booty Like I'm made of hamburgers Like I'm made of hamburgers Like a crusty bear trap Oh so crusty! Like a supple John Cena action figure They get on with life as a grandma They're a sad kinda type They like fappin on Sundays They like nappin in the week They like to contemplate hentai But when they start to daydream Their minds turns straight to Jesus Straight out the salty dungeons of rap It all began on a lonely December midnight I was the most depressed sandwich artisan around He was the most dead former person
We’re practically raccoons - black all around our eyes And trash is what we eat, in trash is where we thrive None of us are ninja spaceman pirates of the sea But we were told that we could be anything we wanted to be We work around the clock, like sixty hours a week If we dare to do something fun we get like three hours of sleep We were promised again and again That the world was about to end Don’t fuckin tease me bro Let’s get the show on the road But before we bring the doom Let’s safely send all cats to the moon In the meantime We’ll just follow hallways The days are long But the years melt away So we’ll live fast, and we’ll eat ass And we’ll wait for this shit to pass
The new American dream for 2018 Is just to no longer be alive More than our beloved avocado toast What we want the most is just to die


Conceived, written, and recorded in less than two weeks, 👌 is the offspring of the two giant brains of Unicorn Hole and Weekly Words and Grammar, post-nintendocore artists from a dark future where dinosaurs walk the earth.

Tackling serious, modern issues such as societal ennui, social isolation, late night Taco Bell runs, and "the cat problem," 👌 is a step away from ancient, video-game based nintendocore much in the same way traveling to the moon was a big step up from walking everywhere.

There are still at least two songs about video games though.

Here's the instrumental version of this album:

-~- -~- -~- -~- 👌 SERIES -~- -~- -~- -~-

👌 - you are here

👌 DLC 2 - the first DLC pack:

2👌2👌 - the second full-length:

👌 DLC 5 - the second DLC pack:

2👌2👌 2 - the big, bad finale:

-~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~- -~-


released April 8, 2018

Spaghetti Cat was originally written and recorded by Parry Gripp

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Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Uhole is a nintendocore band from South Carolina, since 2007

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