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by Unicorn Hole

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sht I love all in this album:
It's a sequel that continues 👌's themes and ideas.
Once again, WWG and UHole have some wonderful chemistry. Say thank you that I am not a fanfic writer xD
The cover art is gorgeous.
Once again, the sound, the lyrics and the memes.
The idea of the Red/Blue editions from different artists is a nice gimmick, love it.
N-core lives because of guys like you! Favorite track: Super Fire Emblem Bros + Kirby (feat. Donk E).
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Oh, what the heck have we done!? Yo it’s Uhole and Weekly Words Back again for the N-Core nerds On some Uzumaki shit Spiral into the absurd Twenty twenty, big damn oof Not a very funny goof Violence, virus, wildfires flarin Rise of super mega Karens We asked if things could get any worse And now armageddon has begun Oh, what the heck have we done?
Heck yeah little dude, you ride your little line Let’s see if we can have you nail a rad backflip A few failed attempts, and a few broken spines But with one small adjustment, you nail that shit I head online to brag about what we have done See other people's stuff, “so long bud, it’s been fun” Instead I’ll click some cookies- I understand this one This “game” is truly something- not sure if “fun” But I just can’t stop playing, it’s addicting, uncanny Nothing can stop me, not even Lovecraftian grannies I head online to brag about how many I’ve got See how far the game goes, could quit but I will not I’ll break this game’s counter, show it what I’m about Except lol no I won’t, my internet just fuckin went out That’s fine, it’s t-rex time Let’s leap over cacti Duck under pterodactyls A single hit, we’ll die You’re with me in my time of need For that I’ll have your back Oh wait, it just got fixed So later chump, I’m boutta fap
Looks like we’ve ruined the earth Mankind be acting crazy We killed our entire planet Whoopsie daisies Yo aliens, what you up to? Wanna bail me out of this? If not it’s cool I guess I only kinda wanna exist No really, beam me up You can put stuff in my butt If you free me from this place I really don’t care what You take me to your leader You don’t wanna meet mine Fuck little orange hands Little green man is just fine I’m hitchhiking across the galaxy I dunno where- I guess we'll just see Cold, black nothing- not really any worse Earth’s the worst place in the whole universe If the aliens won’t take me, I’ll catch a ride with Tom Delonge This is the third reference I’ve made to him in song If you buy this album maybe you can come too Just us and every cat escaping from the Marble Blue Green or grey, someone take me away I’ll Cash App you money for space gas Hell, you could just stuff me in the trunk Just take me away and hecka fast I wanna ride in your UFO Cause at this point things are so heinous I gotta Alt F4 on the Earth Yeah I’d rather live in Uranus
I barge into the bathroom, run for the farthest stall Feels like I ran past where there’s normally a wall I shoulder through the door, but what I find within Is a large room with yellow walls as drab as sin Inside the bathroom, I found the backrooms Needed to doodoo, I found my doo doom I do my business, and yes Mom I wiped With one of the countless socks this place has swiped And littered about- lost Nerf darts and guitar picks And countless dads that “ran to the store real quick” One says “hi hungry, I’m dad” then adds “but I’m hungry too” The buzzing of fluorescent lights has my bearings askew “Who pays this dang electric bill?” he says, as he scurries away “And don’t touch the goddamn thermostat!” as his voice fades Fs in the chat, I’m dead so rip Buhbye old life, guess I noclipped A hideous dad monster approaches me I strike a t-pose, don’t even try to flee My final thought, as I am bit: Next time I’m here I should speedrun this shit
You’d always been there for me when I needed you But you’ve done something cruel, and I’m not feeling well Others have come and gone over the years But none have hurt me quite like you, Taco Bell Mild to hot to fire to diablo, I wanted more But you had never burned me quite like this before Oh, T-Bell, why do you Give only to take away? My asshole, I would expect But to treat my heart this way… Fiery Taco- RIP Nacho Supreme- RIP Beefy Frito- RIP Grillers- are you kidding me!? Where am I supposed to go? And don’t you dare say Del Taco! What am I supposed to do? Guess I’ll go commit Sudoku You’ve unplugged my life support My body writhes, my face contorts “Have I wronged you in some way?” My final thought, I pass away I find myself in Heck, Here they have also removed Baja Blast This timeline can’t be real We’ll never have our fourth meal
(lyrics generated by AI and then shuffled randomly) Is that really bark? Is that really bark? That is rare if it shines A bitter avocado hanging heavy on the tree Or eat its leaves and become slaves of the dust I feel that something is circling Like a poop from the past Your grandma takes (she takes) My pair of shoes (my best shoes) But my feet are mine I shouldn’t be here The only gain is losing the taco I fell in love with a NASCAR dance floor slut Come inside the NASCAR shelter I know where your sister stays Well the middle East came after me With NASCAR guard and jets But then in the mirror I saw him Mario was never there for me Beaver broke his feet on foreign roads If my dad could see me right now He would never understand my pain Gladly I shall see you again That’s the sound of despair My sandwich was so old My feet were oh so cold Alright motherfuckers For this last part we’re gonna throw down So let’s crank up the fuckin pan Ah shit, that’s my fuckin shit
The new Smash DLC will be adding every Fire Emblem character, and it’s mandatory The newest patch will trim away all of the fat “Every non-FE character” is what we mean by that I’ve got my hundred characters - a huge hoard Each of them has spiky hair and a cool sword It’s just like I had dreamed, Not even one of them is Link There’s normal Marth and female Marth And even Kirby Marth (I think) Sorry Mario, but your fireballs are hella lame We only want swords and counters in this game Here’s a quick rundown of Byleth’s moveset: Press any button for a rad instant death Byleth over Shrek or Hank is frankly really dumb Maybe she is Sakurai’s waifu in Fire Emblem
I put the cartridge in and turn the power on This was my home in days long gone The screen flashes and returns to black Black as the evil that back then attacked The TV rings but I can’t hear the sound I just hear the calling of the battleground I turn the power off and back on again I can’t wait to check on all of my old friends I should really cut the grass Pack a lunch for tomorrow (I really need to-) A logo shows on the screen I bask in its familiar glow There it is! My old save file! (I should really call my mom) (I’m overdue for an oil change) A friend I haven’t seen in a while (do I have any clean socks?) (my knee feels kinda strange) This temple so majestic, it’s just as I recall This lighting so dramatic, it hasn’t changed at all This temple (get to work) majestic It’s just as I recall The lighting (get some sleep) dramatic It hasn’t changed at all Somehow it seems even better My phone buzzes, I’ll check it later I recall things I haven’t thought about in years The colors blur as my eyes well up with tears Note by note the melodies come back to me Until my phone buzzes again, what could it be? (got a busy day tomorrow) I snap back to reality I’d better get some sleep
A brand new year and decade- a new hope A chance to start again- yeah, but nope The dumpster has caught fire- watch it burn The shitcopter tailspins- watch it turn How did we go from eating ass To choking on tear gas? From social anxiety To full blown global quarantine? “I ain’t wearin no goddamn mask So don’t even goddamn ask It sort of itches on my ears Grandpa’s lived for enough years” Meanwhile Earth is on fire Yeah, cause shit needs to be more dire Hell, maybe we should just stoke it We already know- we already broke it Firemen throw their water balloons But they can’t seem to figure out their aim Kobe left us this year And things just haven’t been the same Even the murder hornets That came over to the states Were like “fuck this, we’re out” And left us to our fates Maybe the Mayans were right Maybe the world did end So buckle up as heck ascends This is the end For sure, the actual end For real, I totally mean it This is super duper the end
There’s nothing left But also nothing’s right Why can’t real life be More like Fortnight? Everyone is sad Everything is bad This shit is the pits And I don’t mean Brad There’s nothing left But also nothing’s right I believe we’ve hit rock bottom There’s nothing left to do but climb I believe we’ve hit rock bottom It’s time to shift the paradigm It really do be like that sometimes So let’s climb, let’s climb, let’s climb Hey universe, guess what? You can eat my whole-ass butt Things will improve goddamnit If just for spite Go ahead and plead, but no I won’t say sike Things will improve No matter what You don’t agree? Well, you can eat my whole-ass butt


You'll cowards don't even listen to Nintendocore.

In the second DLC for our critically-acclaimed album, 👌, we foolishly wondered if things could get any worse in 2020. Well golly heck, did they ever! So we took time out of our busy schedules of being sad and quarantined, and created yet another masterpiece to begin the healing process of the entire planet. Eat up, kids.

Collect all both! Red version here:

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👌 DLC 5 - the second DLC pack:

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released November 13, 2020

All of the things by Weekly Words and Grammar and Unicorn Hole
Guest vocals on track 3 by Shotgun Guy
Guest vocals on tracks 4 and 7 by Dustin E


all rights reserved



Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Uhole is a nintendocore band from South Carolina, since 2007

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