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HD Remakes Round 3

by Unicorn Hole

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vacant_vesselxiii thumbnail
vacant_vesselxiii Easily the dopest N-Core release of 2021 with it's stellar production, heaviness and energetic sound 👏🔥 Favorite track: Round Threeie (with Error37 and ThyHarvesting).
cojam thumbnail
cojam It's a heavy, energetic and stylish release. Such a varied mix of different styles. Some nostalgic moments, what you don't even hear in new music anymore like this oldshcool autotuned part in "Jizz a Brick", and then that bitcrushed stuff, cool unexpected rapping in "T&T Theme" by Wheck the System. John nailed his rap part too. Guests realy fresh it all up.
Glad to take part in this release, John game me a reason to try something new. John, TY for keeping it up and for inviting new artists!
M0SHB1T thumbnail
M0SHB1T Catchy, brutal, fast, funny. Everything about this release is so addicting and if you know the original versions you get a weird nostalgia sensation mixed with fresh excitement. Every song is so unique, even more with the new parts and the among the guests are some heavy weights of the scene. This album proves again why Unicorn Hole was, is and will be one of the top ncore artists of our decade. Favorite track: Despite Everything (with All Hail the Mustache and Cojam).
APB thumbnail
APB ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUMS HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED! Seriously, since the release of the last part, 5 years have passed, and my expectations were worth it. This is super funny EP, comments are unnecessary. Favorite track: Jizz a Brick (with Kyle N and Anti-PizzaBoy).
Bry thumbnail
Bry Unicorn Hole once again delivers some of the most solid, creative and fun music around!

This EP perfectly balances heavyness and catchyness. The production sounds super clean and crisp and the lyrics are both silly and clever.

All the guests provide their own unique flavor to each track, making for an incredibly enjoyable listening experience.

UH consistently brings something new and creative each release, and HDR3 might be some of his best work yet! Favorite track: T&T Theme (with Wreck the System and SWIMlovesyou).
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(Guest vocals by Barry, Brandon, and Herbert of RCM) This song goes out to those who are lazy as shit You who remove the a from apathetic The textbook opposite of energetic You lost the TV remote, that TV’s as good as broke One channel for the rest of forever Dishes piled to the ceiling Like rugs clothes line the floor Oh I think these jeans are clean But who can really say anymore? You got you some frozen food, “turn the oven up on high” That thing takes days, it’s way too hard- it’s microwave or die Our sloth will be the death of us We’ve got to make a change today Stand up and fight- take action Well not right now, probably tomorrow, maybe If we were bees within a couple weeks flowers would be extinct If we were buttholes we wouldn’t give a shit enough to stink When it comes to laziness you have the ability To give a tree a run for its money The light burned out in the bathroom That’s fine, I’ll just shit in the dark Because I can’t change a lightbulb all by myself What am I, Tony Stark? (Music from 1:57 to 2:23 composed by Pixelbitching) I didn’t feel like writing a cool transition here But suddenly something new did appear To Pixelbitching we defer And Racoon City Massacre Writing new lyrics- craziness Let’s please get back to laziness Comfy on the couch, popcorn popped, it’s movie night But wait- something’s amiss! It seems I left on the light I guess I’ll have to call and invite my dearest friend “Oh hey best bud, Mind flipping that light switch as you come in?” Yo, let’s eat the cake and then the frosting Icing the cake first would be exhausting We’ve got to make an honest effort We gotta finish what we start It’s super important and blah blah blah And something about our hearts
(Guest vocals by Grey of Error37) I was only twelve when you decided to separate A kid, I did not know how to bear that weight Did I do something wrong? The world seemed so unfair Nintendo please get back together with Rareware Mario and Banjo, they belong together yo Master Chief, he don’t know shit about the bear and bird What is Diddy Kong gonna think when he hears the word? He calls his old friends for Diddy Kong Racing 2 But he’s been ghosted harder than the House of Boo (Music from 1:00 to 1:28 composed by ThyHarvesting) Error37 and ThyHarvesting They Conker this thing Blast Corps - blasts and n-core Jet Force - bomb drops, bass drops, and more Rare was in rare form on the SNES and 64 That little purple cube needs Threeie We’d kill for more That cheeky humor- we couldn’t help but grin It hurts to think about what could have been Such iconic soundtracks- they couldn’t help but win It hurts to think about what could have been E3, 2019, almost two whole decades later A gorilla vibes with his nephew and a great, big alligator Then something bounces by, and it’s made of solid gold My heart grows 64 sizes, no longer Ice Key cold They’re home Let’s go Banjo! Although it took way too long Kazooie too We will always welcome you home
(Guest vocals by CreateLadyJ, Cam3, & Osiris Green of WTS) My name blows in with the wind with a message to send It’s a blend of “you sinned” and of “I ain’t your friend” Again I tend to grin but I got lead to lend I’ll bend your mind til you’ll find nothin but your end I walk through the gate, and they know it’s too late so they Say what they’re gonna say, and pray if they’re gonna pray Cause today’s the last of their days, turnin fast into prey Drop a blast into their face and plop their ass into a grave The fastest draw in the world and I never miss I stopped a fly from flyin by, and I fired from the hip See he had found a buffet, and he was full of shit And a mile away when I made that hit That douchebag Billy ain’t got half as many kills And I’d shoot the moss right off of that old man Mild Bill Tombstone and Deadwood are too tame for me, no doubt Hell sounds pretty fun but I’m too damn good to find out I’m a sick shot, I got six shots and believe it or not I hit the hot spot, a lot like a robot I zero in with a hero’s zen and then Bullseye! Here we go again There’s a bounty on your name And I’m down to play the game I’ll turn your fame to shame and gain More acclaim at the same time You are to blame, I’m just movin down the list And tonight death blows you a kiss A man once turned his back on me I had to put him in his place But if I shot him in his back Well it would be a disgrace I fired 6 o’ clock- the exact wrong way I wrapped that bullet round the earth And shot that joker in the face I draw so fast that I once made an Etch A Sketch explode I got too hot, I shot the sun and then it snowed I wear a snakeskin belt, but I keep the snake alive Without a belt my pants fall down and I make the horses cry (Music from 2:35 to 3:22 composed by SWIMlovesyou) Roll like a desperado, strapped up like Billy Blanco Got them hollows when it’s showtime like Apollo My crew lit, with true grit, we can engage in battle The good, the bad, the ugly, ridin out with blazin saddles No stoppin my posse, roll out with the tumbleweeds Scallywags wanna blow and buzz Can’t swat down these bumblebees Ridin round and gettin it, livin while they ignorant We don’t talk with daywalkers, sunset riders til the finish Pew! Stay sharp shootin, draw on me, yall all losin Tongue sharper than a harpoon J’s a bull, these cows are doomed Fuse spark, I stay lit, blow em up like a cartoon Day, night, hell, high noon, Calamity J’s back Ride around without pause, wreckin shit with my outlaws Yellow bellies can’t mess with me, I shot the sheriff and deputy Live by the code or die tryin, ra-ta-tat on my typewriter Go OP like TNT, we blow the spot then flee the scene
(Guest vocals by Kyle N of The Halloweekend) (Lyrics generated by what-would-i-say.com) Hey everybody, let's go out across my hair And I better walk over a little cup Mailbox crushed into MS Paint A lot of people don't even sure I have to be important My foot scrapes the shingles and hopefully all of his face I have a ride through the washing machine to finally kill it Not death kwon do technique pelvic thrust I don't wanna learn and be free! You will all be catching other people's ears We have one recording But it's the new song, and we're hungry He was out of his face, he was out of his face (Music from 1:12 to 1:48 composed by Anti-PizzaBoy) Anti-Pizza Boy, and my boy Kyle And also with the Unicorn Hole The bad boys are underfoot Strike and save the world! Everyone can live in peaceful Each and all boy and girl But then real gifts are everywhere Friends made on a shortcut path Feels good man, Hydreigon one shot All my question at New Track A plastic shark, about two feet long And only two horses from farm B Some sort of rock / progressive / Jackie Brown horse (Outro breakcore drums also composed by Anti-PizzaBoy)
(All synths composed by Polygon Horizon) (Guest vocals by Chris of Polygon Horizon) Into Mayoi No Mori we go Poopmaster and his unicorn lady bro Friends and allies, a dynamic duo Can we defeat this tricky forest though? This fabled place they say is hard to pass Like a giant poo, a real pain in the ass A thief claims your gear, a beast claims your life You couldn’t kill the dragon with your pocket knife We will find our way through this rotten place Find the forest bottom bitch and smack him in the face A stranger approaches, we take arms But it seems he means no harm "A thief robbed me, took my things away! But I've a plan, please help me make him pay!" "Sounds good" we say, "it's your lucky day If he won't give it back then his guts will spray!" "For the plan I will need to hold That sword of yours, such shiny gold You'll wait, I'll walk, he'll come to steal You'll ambush him and seal the deal!" He takes the sword, we watch him close The thief sneaks up for another dose We drop in, he tries to run away And crosses a bridge that won't hold much weight So we ditch our stuff and we head across He's losing us, but he won't be lost With a doodoo spell we make him slip He falls hard enough to break an old man's hip "You're a no-good thief, what have you got to say!?" He rolls over now, we are confused by his face "You two lose, the thief just got away!" The thief and victim are one in the same "You've been fooled by shadow clones! All your stuff by now is long, long gone! I have claimed your things today" And then before our eyes the clone fades away (Music from 2:21 to 2:56 composed by Codex Orzhova) This thief must have read from a dark codex Gifted a glimpse of the power of the Nine Hecks Maybe made a best buddy of Beelzebub To bring some shadow magic to the land above No fair! How dare!? “I can't believe this shit! We let him get away with it! No gear, I fear that we're stuck here" Sasha sheds a single tear No! There has to be a way We've been lead astray, but we won't stay A little later in the clear of calm Poopmaster recalls he had a dookie bomb With deep focus he remote detonates it No pun here, the thief can eat that shit Sasha follows her nose right to the thief We find him with that-ain't-chocolate in his teeth He never had a chance to pull a sword from sheath Before we sent him to the fiery pits beneath We have found our way through this rotten place Found the forest bottom bitch and smuck him in the face The mage and mount grow a bit more wise, and Dramatically walk into the horizon We didn't end up dead, or forever stuck That dude at the tavern totally owes us ten bucks
(Guest vocals by Phil of All Hail the Mustache) Finally the seventh soul has fallen down Deep, deeper, yet deeper into the underground The fowl flower feigns a friendly favor for fallen Frisk But Goat Mom knows what’s up, so really there’s no risk Cruisin the ruins, might even meet an ant-sized frog Mind your actions, you’re already writing the epilogue “Wait here, right back” Goat Mom says and splits, “buhbye” There can only be one ending: stay right there until you die (Music from 0:51 to 1:43 composed by Cojam) Your fun value must be off the charts Because you just found this brand new part If you thought there was only one narrator in this song Wow, you are superfast at being wrong If you thought this hefty track couldn’t be any longer Wow, you are superfast at being wronger Oh it’s the wrong number, the wrong number song We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong The pie is alright but you’ve got bigger snow to fry So say goodbye, but you’d better not let her die Just save or reset if you need, it’s just a game No one will know, so there’s no need to take the blame Just save or reset if you need, it’s just a game Surely it’s only you who knows your shame It’s not time travel, it’s deja vu It’s different but it isn’t new Into the eerie forest, trees tear at the night sky You feel a deadly force approaching from behind Yo it’s the skeleton, shake my hand, breakin wind on demand Once again, what’s the plan? Tell your friend, tell ol Sans Dunkin hot dogs on your head, Megalo-fuckin-shreds But LOVE too much, you’ll be dead right where you stand Yo, this is my bro, so, now that you know don’t go Throw your life away, stay, unlike all those yellow names, okay? You’re gonna have a bad time If we fight, which we might, just show mercy, alright? To Waterfall, the snow is left behind The Spear of Justice just doesn’t find Each step leaves prints, each gesture counts Because it’s raining somewhere else Undyne, slightly misaligned But determined to save her own timeline But you do whatever you like Everything will turn out fine But is it so? Or does the world know? Do they remember things that did not happen? Did you see a ghost when you shattered its host? In the past, but never and again b̶͕̈́͐ḛ̶̅͜w̸̘͗á̸̼̜r̷͎̓̈́e̸̙̕ ̸̢̋t̴̙̲͊̅h̵̡̔̎è̶̹̯ ̶̹͕̅́m̶̮̄̀a̷͙͛n̷̙̂͜ ̸̩̥̈́͝w̵̡̥͌ḧ̴̟̻̏ö̸͈̯́͗ ̶͕̓͗ș̸̢̀p̷̢̓ȅ̵̹̦̊ä̷̗́k̸͙̎ś̶͔̯̏ ̷̯͔͆i̴̡͙̊̑n̴̦̊̾ͅ ̸͆̕ͅh̵͚̓a̶̬̐n̵̮̚d̸̞͔̎s̷̜̆̓ ̶̨̯̓̿t̴̯͂̓h̸̛̬̩ë̸̳͂ ̸͇́s̵̛̪͐h̵͔̅a̷̘̬̔͒t̷̝̞͌t̵͉̞̅e̷̹̓r̶̳͇͐̉é̴̩̎d̴̹̓̽ ̶͍̯̈m̶̙̿͗a̶͕̅͠n̸̻͋̆ But that isn’t so Somehow the world knows Remembers things that did not happen But you’ve seen a ghost When you shattered its host In the past but never and again But he saw it all Saw from behind the walls Do your hopes and dreams make foes or friends? Despite everything it’s still you When you look inside the mirror But which fragment peers back at your soul? Is the image clearer? Just let destruction lead to creation Embrace the fate which you have written This is your story


Capping off the HD Remakes Trilogy, Round 3 brings six more golden Uhole-den oldies up to snuff. The dozen featured artists hyper blast their respective tracks into something radder than ever. If you're a fan of Nintendocore or anything related to it, you simply can't miss this monstrous release!

Nab the instrumental version here:

And the first of the HD Remakes series:

And the middle entry as well:

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released May 7, 2021

Album art by Jaime Padilla

Alternate album art by Christoph Mrqn


all rights reserved



Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Uhole is a nintendocore band from South Carolina, since 2007

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