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The Storm

by Unicorn Hole

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Bry Another solid entry into the epic NCU Saga!

With a more serious tone, The Storm is a very fitting name for an album that shows a much darker chapter in the gang's story. You can't help but get caught up in this one!

The instrumentals and vocals perfectly convey the emotional impact of what these characters are feeling. Moments of action are fast and heavy, while moments of calm or sadness dial back the intensity.

This is some of Unicorn Hole's best work yet!

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Astrid is now more focused than ever But Kat's grin is nowhere to be found Sparring only hammers the wedge Deeper and deeper down "Come on Kat, don't hold back Give me everything you've got!" "Okay then, but if I win Please do not be distraught!" The joy that they once felt Replaced by anxiety Regardless of who wins Neither will truly succeed Forces of nature taken human form But in their heads rages the true storm The girls have pushed one another for years But that pushing grows more severe More alike than different- yet dissonant Notes of the same key- but not content So they go full-steam Set the field agleam Kat gives Astrid what she wants A challenge worthy of her skills But is Kat's natural power matched By Astrid's experience and will? Frustrated, the girls grow reckless Draw more power than they should Blasts sail wide, but if they hit They may be more than could be withstood Through intense focus Grub's voice finally cuts through "That's enough, settle down, what's gotten into you? Ghael's got stuff for us to do!"
Ghael gathers the gang “Riza just reported to me- Things aren’t as they have seemed Nora and Shina’s job that day Was merely to make us look away A tome was taken from the library archive Ancient and arcane- deciphered by no man alive Even Ghenim confesses ‘he who cracks this shall be revered God forbid it be a foe, for such a man should be feared’ “He who dreamt up this plan is vile, but smart I must confess His witch terrorists have most of Bristol obsessed We who know the foe and strive for his defeat Now face unnecessary hindrances while on the streets “I should rephrase- for our enemy is not quite known A foe, I fear, that twenty years ago we thought was gone I sealed the mines myself- sent them back to their hell Atlas, Ghenim, and myself- each now gone or a withered shell” Elluryah I’ve tried my best to fend off any distress My heart sinks since I know this- we may fall to the Novis “Riza's tracked down a base where a group of these men stays We must not hesitate, you girls will attack today Find out what they’re plotting, and promptly intervene” Ghaels looks Astrid in the eyes- “stop them by any means “Tonight might be the reason Why I’ve trained you both to be so strong” Ghael looks Grub in the eyes “Old Friend, I need you to tag along “Though we prepare for the worst, we can’t say for sure just yet And at Ghenim’s great behest, the king will send Garth to Eredet With so many dark clouds hanging over us again I know it’s no matter of if- it’s a matter of when”
As the gang sets out Kat feels anxiety She hasn't felt for quite a while The glares of the Bristolites have become intense And their words so vile Kat recalls being told she doesn't belong here That she should disappear, that she is evil But then Astrid chimed in "So we've more enemies than friends, But we're loved by the better people." An orphan with a rare gift- truly one of a kind What better family could anyone hope to find? Kat's terrified of finding herself back alone Because home's feeling a lot less like home She doubts Astrid would respond the same way If the same vile words were said to her today
The sun sets The gang gets ready for what's beyond the door Between the girls conflict swirls Can they handle any more? Astrid splinters the door with an earth gem boulder blast A fight is guaranteed- no need for questions asked A dozen men in white robes rush to meet them Gems in hand, the girls are ready to defeat them A wave of electricity surges across the room Jumps from body to body with a thunderous boom Kat gasps aloud, Grub shouts "whoa now!" But the men do not go down "A blast like that should leave you all dead on the ground!" It becomes abundantly clear- something isn't right here The Novis have risen again- these men are more than men But what and how!? A white robe runs directly through a spout of flames Kat hops back just in time to avoid being maimed His robe is singed but there are no mars on his skin These men are more than men, they've something else within Astrid shoves Kat so that the swinging sword attack is a miss Grabs the robe's face and says "you're not going to like this" She drains an entire volt gem, feeds it to him point blank He staggers and finally falls, hardy as a demon of grand rank A robe sneaks up on Grub and launches him, slung by his arm Kat blasts the robe with a boulder to deter any further harm She sees his face as he falls, her heart sinks even more A man she's spared before, tried to open another door for Frustrated, afraid, the girls refuse to lose today One by one the cultists fall but something else is on the way
A one man stampede erupts into the room His hammer dwarfed only by his presence Which dwarfs the moon Demanding every eye "why am I not surprised? This cult I've seen thrice now as corpses in copious amount And you three I've seen so much lately it seems I've lost count "So trust me when I say you will answer for that this day!" Garth is interrupted "welcome guests, come back this way!" In the back room the group meets A white robe with long black hair "I'd ask who you all are but I can't find it in me to care." Garth swiftly swings his hammer With force enough to snap a tree The White Robe raises an open hand gingerly Garth's rattled as his momentum is stopped dead in its track The white robe fakes a yawn and prepares to strike back A single palm strike sends Garth tumbling Backwards through the air Winded, but his armor holds true No dents or scratches anywhere In slow motion Garth watches the room flip end over end His mind has drifted to "The Retired Hand" once again There was a time when there were Many fights Garth could not win He will not allow this white robe to bring that shame back again The stone wall brings Garth back into the fight "Oh what a shame" he says "that Wade couldn't make it tonight "He prepares for our trip Are you prepared for yours? I'm sending you to Hell" Garth swings his hammer again An exaggerated blow This one is blocked as well But Garth had planned for this Made a show of the swing A low kick catches White Robe's feet Which knocks him up into the air Garth's right hook catches him there And launches him into concrete White Robe climbs to his feet- hand clenching his broken ribs "Fine, you've earned the big boy attack Now this one don't come cheap, I hate to blow it so soon But I don't see these brats fighting back!" White Robe thrusts both palms forward From fifteen feet away Garth's struck by an unseen force and then Blasted back out of the fray Across the floor he rolls The King's Right Hand is knocked out cold
Kat looks around at fallen foes And wonders if they are dead She'd never choose to stop a heart She'd change a mind instead At least she tries but it seems they Rarely hear what she has said She remembers every face Many strangely stained in red She remembers Astrid shouting - at her - their first real fight "No warrior" she said "was ever so damn nice! Tell a thousand scumbags to change- and one just might Just think of everyone that you've made us fight twice" An orphan with a rare gift- truly one of a kind What better family could anyone hope to find? Kat's terrified of finding herself back alone Because home's feeling a lot less like home She doubts Astrid would care if these men died And it makes her sad that Ghael doesn't seem to mind
The Storm 06:57
"Sorry kids, but Mr Tough Guy's out" The white robe says with a grin Grub is afraid, not really sure how they can win "Hey ponytail" he says "try pig tails for twice the fun!" "You're all about to die, but I'll admit I like this one!" "We don't have time for this" says Astrid as she rushes in And prepares to unload an entire volt gem again White Robe raises his hand, the lightning bolt connects His grin never wavers, Astrid is angered and perplexed "Be careful burning through your gems, you shouldn't be so wild You use up all of those, and you're just a helpless child!" Astrid drives a defiant side kick into his broken ribs But he defies logic, and nothing gives "See what I mean?" he asks and throws a swift uppercut Astrid folds around his fist, he catches her in the gut She hits the ceiling and then falls hard onto the floor Kat blasts a boulder from each hand- she can't watch anymore A well timed crescent kick shatters both stones in the air Grub rushes in, knows he can't win, but doesn't seem to care His wooden sword goes to splinters Across the white robe's face Boulder debris blocked White Robe's view So finally he is displaced "His power is great but finite" Grub says "So we can wear him down!" Astrid and White Robe climb to their feet Both wearing furious frowns Astrid tosses Kat a volt stone "Together we'll unleash all of our might!" Grub adds "he won't survive that- Go on girls, and end this fight!" Grub is dealt a mighty blow He didn't know it was coming - he's not conscious anymore Kat winces as he takes the hit, and he tumbles across the floor "Now that wasn't very nice, but it does no good to scold Since that punch was enough to kill any kobold" Kat says "we don't have to kill him We'll beat him, arrest him, then someone can heal him" "Oh, wake up! Look- Grub could die! There's no time for this- let's fry this guy!" "Now isn't this just precious? Say, why'd you even bring this one? I think I'll save her for last so she doesn't miss any of the fun" Grub and Garth decorate the floor Neither are able to take anymore Kat's a mess, overwhelmed by stress Wishing they'd never entered that door Astrid is backed up into a corner And too injured to try to run "Kat!" she pleads "I need you To make an exception for this one!" Kat drops the stone, she tries to speak, But nothing comes- she's just too weak Not from the blows that she's taken She's shaken- everything seems so bleak Astrid takes a second gem in her left hand "It'll take this much to kill that man Ghael can pull three stones- she'd kill this guy alone But two gems is more than I can stand "Ever since Kat showed up, I have been second place I push twice as hard but I can't match her pace But when the pressure is on, it seems her skills are all gone And all that potential just goes to waste "Tonight I'll do something that I know Kat cannot I must act fast, no time for second thoughts" The room goes white and then the White Robe goes down Lives are lost and the fight is fought Kat checks on Grub, he's got a pulse He starts to wake, seems he'll hold on Astrid is battered, Kat checks on her And she finds that her pulse is gone
"This isn't real- this isn't right My sister doesn't lose this fight My sister doesn't die tonight "I hate these white robe men, why couldn't Garth just win!? Astrid is lying there because I made us lose again If I trained as hard as her maybe we'd have won here But I fall to the floor- feeble- confined by fear "What am I supposed to do? Astrid, wake up, please, I need you!" Grub, while weak, manages to speak "The gem she gave you, Kat!" But she doesn't understand "At this point what good is that?" "Lightning is what stopped her heart Maybe it will start it back" She doesn't understand, but a better plan she lacks One hand holds the volt gem, one her friend on the floor Kat's never fired a volt gem at anybody before She pulls the energy, it passes through her heart Into her sister's own, which then restarts Kat's never been so relieved in her life She sobs and holds her sister tight Grub limps his way over to his best friends "Did not like, would not do again!" Astrid's skin is now marred with lightning scars Limbs wrapped in tree roots charred The battle with White Robe she did not survive Yet she'll make it out alive Kat is worried about how things will be Once they've all gone home And she contemplates the white robe dying, lying prone
Kat recalls meeting Grub and Astrid They were best of friends They quickly took her in She wishes to live those days again They would stay up all night, and stay in trouble with Ghael Grub made sure that their days never grew stale But as years have passed Grub and Astrid have grown apart Sometimes Kat blames herself And that weighs heavy on her heart She tries to talk to Ghael but finds there little comfort It seems that Ghael is just too concerned with the numbers An orphan with a rare gift- truly one of a kind What better family could anyone hope to find? Kat's terrified of finding herself back alone Because home's feeling a lot less like home
The gang sits in silence, tries to collect their thoughts Reflects on the white robes, and the pain they have wrought Ghael doesn’t scold the girls, but she’s surely far from warm Her attention turns elsewhere- Elluryah must be warned Astrid’s intuition seems to her to be verified Ghael merely adopted weapons- it can hardly be denied Grub does his best to dismiss Kat’s guilt “It wasn’t quite ideal but no one was killed The odds were surely stacked, no one could say you failed” It means a lot to Kat, but would mean more from Ghael Who with Grub meets Ghenim, to discuss things with him She warns the Novis is back, and things are looking grim Grub is ashamed to admit a sucker punch took him out “This weak little body can’t do much in such a bout” Seems everything is falling apart and nothing is fine Kat looks up to the moon and pleas softly for a sign Astrid catches her reflection, sees what she's become now Kat caused this transformation- or at least allowed For years Astrid's used only volt gems to try and close the gap But it still took her death to finally outdo Kat With a bag Astrid leaves, says don't expect her return Until every branch of The Novis has been burned She'll do what neither Kat nor Ghael were able to No matter what it takes, Astrid vows now she will push through Ghael has grown grey, Ghenim's might was drained away The dragonborn Atlas was lost back on that fateful day Garth heads to Eredet to check the Nexis in the mines What fate awaits at the end of all these fraying lines? A few moons later, in the middle of the night Grub awakens, finds his throat feeling tight A routine thing- nothing to excite But the stone he yields this time is made of pure light


Unicorn Hole's fifth full-length album is chapter six of the NCU. The Storm is darker and moodier than Uhole's previous chapters, matching the thickening plot of the NCU. Kat, Astrid, Grub, and Garth find themselves against a more powerful and unsettling force than any they've faced before. Can they weather the storm, and if so, will the sun rise again?

If you haven't checked out the previous chapters of the NCU, you should start there! The Storm closes up Uhole's NCU full-length trilogy, which begins with Legend of the Light Gem and continues with Arcana Profane.




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released June 15, 2019

Unicorn Hole is John Nelson.

Engineered by Tyler Hendricks. Enormous thanks to Denny Macchiato for, let's call it quality assurance. Uhole logo design by Diana Garvin.

Art created by Pat Garland:


all rights reserved



Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Uhole is a nintendocore band from South Carolina, since 2007

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