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Something Fierce

by Unicorn Hole

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Clay thumbnail
Clay This is the "darker and edgier" Unicorn Hole album you didn't know you needed. Each track is better than the one that precedes it, culminating in a shadowy climax that is the final track on the album.

The album's savage, no-holds-barred approach is what makes Something Fierce special in the Unicorn Hole discography. Favorite track: Ransack / Payback.
sht thumbnail
sht A new NCU album from one of the best nintendocore artists!
Man, what a journey. All his NCU albums are great. And this one is not the exception!

I love the "spooky" and "haunted" sounding of this album. It reminds me some of the Uhole classics.

I had some troubles figuring out the best track on the album, coz they all are great! Favorite track: Ransack / Payback.
Mumpmander thumbnail
Mumpmander A darker and Cybergrind-ier release from the Nintendocore titian. It’s a story about two characters from the NCU traversing through a desert and then kinda losing their minds. It’s heavy and cerebral. Come for the story, stay for the NintendoGrind! Favorite track: Opportunity Makes Amends.
Bry thumbnail
Bry Definitely lives up to it's title!

Garth is my favorite NCU character, so a new chapter about him was already an automatic win.

This album is a bit on the heavier side than other releases, with some really interesting melodies mixed in. The use of "glitchy" elements here and there make this a lot more cybergrind, which is a pretty interesting direction.

The story this time around is also a lot darker.

At 7 tracks, this album is a fairly quick listen, but an absolutely enjoyable one.

Favorite track: Opportunity Makes Amends.
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    Something Fierce comes on a rad printed disc in a jewel case with several pieces of original art by Alicaido. No corners cut!

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The mood ranges from fear to rage As Garth and Wade take to the stage To address the concerns of Bristolites To help them find sleep at night "People missing, dangerous fights Shadow gangs, covens flex their might Magic ones move subtly Yet Wade and I have several in custody: "The witches who started the barracks fire A shady mage with whom they likely conspired Other thugs- many with powers obscene We'll unearth their agendas and intervene Today Wade and I leave for Eredet To assess yet another threat Our men will step in should trouble arise Till then keep an eye on the off-colored eyes" A man cries out "those types should be detained!" Glaring at Phoebe whose color is drained Garth's mouth curls into the slightest smirk Riza rises, she won't allow this to work "What of the white-robed cult? Why no mention of them?" The crowd becomes unnerved, the climate grim "They exist, but are no threat" A woman asks "the same cult that we'll never forget?" Garth says "this is why they weren't mentioned Likely not, so let's avoid that tension" Riza asks "and what about The white robe that laid you out?" Garth's fists clench tight "You're Ghael's little rogue, right?" "Right now I'm off the clock" "So you just came to prod and squawk “Hark! I fight for our king Diversion is all your lot brings No witch will cause trouble here Not from the north, nor from near “Not little brats, nor top shelf Not even Ghael herself If to provoke is why you're here Then do what rogues do and disappear" Satisfied, Riza does just that She made her mark, she won't stay to chew fat Wade stands, Garth nods and sits "There are some puzzle pieces that don't yet fit Do not panic over hearsay We disclosed what we know for sure today “We are investigating, focused on protection The path curves, but justice is our sole direction If the Novis is back, we are prepared for that Things are unclear today, but that is a fact"
A ragtag bandit crew lies in wait in old ruins Hardly akin to friends, their shaky union begins Two ex Shifting Sands Stamped with brands of red hands If again they cross that man They won’t get another chance Two cousins lean and meager Not seeming mean and eager And a kobold with a new flame Hoping here he can intrigue her Five lives, a sole goal Frayed fates forming one whole The ends justify the means So just make do and make ends meet The kobold is green in scale and skill Also with envy too His flame fancies those who live fiercely So that’s what he’ll do The two kin have been deep in Swore to never sin again But grandfather’s fallen further Sink or swim, make amends They say “Yo, Romeo You ought to go before this blows Your stones alone will pay for days” He stays, he already knows The ex Shifting Sands are much more collected Their motives simpler, they are unaffected “The wealthy often traverse this desert To buy rare things from the mines So with our blades drawn we will wait, covert Ambush any passersby And for plan b, should there be need I’ve got an old trick up my sleeve..”
Garth and his trusted troops Hike the Kharusurahk To take stock of Mayor Locke A skilled soldier himself Scattered the Shifting Sand Saw bandits banned from his homeland The brutal battle twenty years ago It left the mines collapsed And townsfolk with nowhere to go With little to go round, many stole to survive The thickest thieves were the ones to thrive Till Locke ran them away, was elected to stay He strives to revive the mines And town to this very day Garth vents his woes to Wade The might White Robe displayed Triggers bitter tirades Brings to mind Percival Their skills both surgical White Robe less merciful “That he is alive, it makes me sick We sleep near to that lunatic I should have crushed him under my boot My power should be absolute At least his cultists are floundering Without the control that he brings” The band sets up camp for the night Shining bright in the fire’s light Necessary to best the cold But in the blackness rather bold Suddenly a massive beast appears Ten feet of pure muscle stomps near Skin made of stone and bone overgrown Piercing through patches of dark fur The King’s Right Hand charges in alone Unarmed and donning no armor Garth grapples the boulderbeast Glares up for eye contact Rams his shoulder forward Swings up for a sharp impact Garth bursts the beast’s left eye The freed claw tears his back Finally he is pressed prone By a savage counterattack Huge canines thrust for his neck But the bite is blocked Both press with all their might But enter a deadlock An arrow pierces the skull The beast flees, its rampage dulled Garth shouts a primal roar “I’m fierce enough for more!”
Garth’s troops cross a stone bridge over a chasm Marks that the thieves would never have fathomed From old ruins they emerge, with weapons drawn But almost all find their enthusiasm gone The ex Shifting Sands are prepared to stand One holds their backup plan in hand But the other three would prefer to flee But the creature is pinched and starts to scream All present seize up - save for the ex Sands Spared the raw anguish by enchanted bands No concern for their unprepared allies Garth can’t act upon the rage in his eyes “Is this what our kingdom has become? I will never succumb to this scum” They claim the soldiers’ money and weapons too They joke and gloat as they do “Would his hammer be too unwieldy?” “Only one way to know, I guess we’ll see” The ex Shifting Sands approach the King’s Right Hand Who stiffly topples forward just as he planned His immense weight crushes the tiny beast Freed from paralysis, restraint released Garth leaves the creature’s keeper With no chance to beg With bare hands his skull is crushed like an egg Returns Wade’s bow and says “Let no one get away” Promptly bludgeons one cousin The other is left in dismay Drops to his knees and pleads and screams Garth offs the other ex Sand Who thought up this scheme Wade pins the fleeing kobold To a stone wall by his tail A calculated shot, the restraint set to fail The kobold drops his tail, runs as hard as he can Wade points Garth’s focus to the begging man But Garth sees the fleeing reptile And he hurls his weapon Not a direct hit but still he is undone Wade had seen the fear in his eyes Tried to grant a chance for life Now hearing a cousin’s cries Wade talks down his fierce ally Soldiers will escort him back The sole remnant of this attack The rest settle for the night Garth gleams in the day’s last light
One moment no hint The next instant a heavy sprint It followed, seething within The boulderbeast charges again Arrow broken, still in its skin Garth meets the beast with a sour glee No one shall help, by his own decree Still Wade watches vigilantly As the foes let loose dissonant screams Claws find flesh, but Garth scoffs Bends then rends the claws clean off A savage bite claims two fingers Still Garth’s bloodlust lingers A feral fight to survive A drive from deep inside Garth is seeing red The red glow of the fire Garth is seeing red Spilled out from both fighters Finally the foes press together Push with all that they have left Garth stomps the beast’s right leg It falls despite its greater heft Mettle broken, accepting death Garth raises a nearby boulder Above his wounded shoulder Beats the beast down to its scruff “I am fierce enough!”
Just Deserts 04:45
Garth drifts back to sleep Back to thirteen These same sands decades ago Darkened by the grand shadow Of his father, who brought him here To stamp out the scion’s fear What the soldier would call sparring Had caused plenty of scarring “You will exceed all your peers You will learn to be more fierce” Body sore and bruised from days of his abuse Spirit worn down, nothing left to let loose The chains were locked Garth found a heavy stone key And then swiftly shattered his father’s knee Then without pause also his face An injury he couldn’t erase The soldier left blind and bleeding out But still alive enough to shout Garth tried to drag his father back For help before he faded to black But his fortitude had all been spent On his father’s discontent “Too weak to have killed me Too weak to save me too Look what I get for for wasting my time training you You always were too soft Tried to fix you for years I should have known that you would never be fierce You will never be fierce” Then a savage beast drew near Smelled the blood, smelled the fear Garth ran away from the boulderbeast And the awful sounds of the feast He died fighting for his son Or so his eulogy begun


Chapter seven of the NCU is here! More abrasive than Unicorn Hole's NCU full-length trilogy, Something Fierce follows royal soldiers Garth and Wade as they trek through the Kharusurahk Desert. Darker, glitchier tones emphasize Garth's shifting, and perhaps deteriorating state of mind.

Download the instrumental version:

If you haven't checked out the previous chapters of the NCU, you should dive in! Uhole, Weekly Words and Grammar, and Nuerra all have rad releases that lead up to this one.



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released July 1, 2022

Unicorn Hole is John Nelson

Art created by Alicaido:

White crow and Grub pin art by Korrenraamu:

Engineered by Tyler Hendricks
Hip hop beat in track 3 produced by SWIMlovesyou
Uhole logo design by Diana Garvin
Special thanks to Bryadow, Chris K, and Denny M


all rights reserved



Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Uhole is a nintendocore band from South Carolina, since 2007

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