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Despite Everything (with All Hail the Mustache and Cojam)

from HD Remakes Round 3 by Unicorn Hole

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(Guest vocals by Phil of All Hail the Mustache)

Finally the seventh soul has fallen down
Deep, deeper, yet deeper into the underground
The fowl flower feigns a friendly favor for fallen Frisk
But Goat Mom knows what’s up, so really there’s no risk

Cruisin the ruins, might even meet an ant-sized frog
Mind your actions, you’re already writing the epilogue
“Wait here, right back” Goat Mom says and splits, “buhbye”
There can only be one ending: stay right there until you die

(Music from 0:51 to 1:43 composed by Cojam)

Your fun value must be off the charts
Because you just found this brand new part

If you thought there was only one narrator in this song
Wow, you are superfast at being wrong
If you thought this hefty track couldn’t be any longer
Wow, you are superfast at being wronger

Oh it’s the wrong number, the wrong number song
We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong

The pie is alright but you’ve got bigger snow to fry
So say goodbye, but you’d better not let her die

Just save or reset if you need, it’s just a game
No one will know, so there’s no need to take the blame
Just save or reset if you need, it’s just a game
Surely it’s only you who knows your shame

It’s not time travel, it’s deja vu
It’s different but it isn’t new

Into the eerie forest, trees tear at the night sky
You feel a deadly force approaching from behind

Yo it’s the skeleton, shake my hand, breakin wind on demand
Once again, what’s the plan? Tell your friend, tell ol Sans
Dunkin hot dogs on your head, Megalo-fuckin-shreds
But LOVE too much, you’ll be dead right where you stand
Yo, this is my bro, so, now that you know don’t go
Throw your life away, stay, unlike all those yellow names, okay?
You’re gonna have a bad time
If we fight, which we might, just show mercy, alright?

To Waterfall, the snow is left behind
The Spear of Justice just doesn’t find
Each step leaves prints, each gesture counts
Because it’s raining somewhere else

Undyne, slightly misaligned
But determined to save her own timeline
But you do whatever you like
Everything will turn out fine

But is it so? Or does the world know?
Do they remember things that did not happen?
Did you see a ghost when you shattered its host?
In the past, but never and again

b̶͕̈́͐ḛ̶̅͜w̸̘͗á̸̼̜r̷͎̓̈́e̸̙̕ ̸̢̋t̴̙̲͊̅h̵̡̔̎è̶̹̯ ̶̹͕̅́m̶̮̄̀a̷͙͛n̷̙̂͜ ̸̩̥̈́͝w̵̡̥͌ḧ̴̟̻̏ö̸͈̯́͗ ̶͕̓͗ș̸̢̀p̷̢̓ȅ̵̹̦̊ä̷̗́k̸͙̎ś̶͔̯̏ ̷̯͔͆i̴̡͙̊̑n̴̦̊̾ͅ ̸͆̕ͅh̵͚̓a̶̬̐n̵̮̚d̸̞͔̎s̷̜̆̓
̶̨̯̓̿t̴̯͂̓h̸̛̬̩ë̸̳͂ ̸͇́s̵̛̪͐h̵͔̅a̷̘̬̔͒t̷̝̞͌t̵͉̞̅e̷̹̓r̶̳͇͐̉é̴̩̎d̴̹̓̽ ̶͍̯̈m̶̙̿͗a̶͕̅͠n̸̻͋̆

But that isn’t so
Somehow the world knows
Remembers things that did not happen

But you’ve seen a ghost
When you shattered its host
In the past but never and again

But he saw it all
Saw from behind the walls
Do your hopes and dreams make foes or friends?

Despite everything it’s still you
When you look inside the mirror
But which fragment peers back at your soul?
Is the image clearer?

Just let destruction lead to creation
Embrace the fate which you have written
This is your story


from HD Remakes Round 3, released May 7, 2021


all rights reserved



Unicorn Hole Lexington, South Carolina

Nintendocore artist from Lexington, SC. Uhole is Lawrence Nelson.

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